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Le Urge Nepal de René Wildhaber (Trek – Redbull)

L’aventure Urge Népal à travers les yeux de René Wildhaber (Trek Redbull), durée 33 minutes, Février 2010.
Une semaine aux cotés de René Wildhaber, Fabien Barel, Nicolas Vouilloz, Darren Berrecloth, Sam Peridy, Alex Balaud, Sabrina Jonnier, Greg Doucende, Olivier giordanengo, Maurin Trocello, Nico Vink, Simone Zaniboni, Kumar Pun pour vivre l’aventure Urge Népal au fil des jours.

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Redbull – Jump And Freeze 2012 In St-Petersbourg

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This was the 2nd time Red Bull Jump and Freeze took place in Russia, 100 km away from St.Petersburg, at the ski resort Snezhny. Despite of the rain, 103 participants took part in this funny contest.

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Pubblicità Aerea Redbull: Jesolo, Venezia, Riccione, Rimini. Aereo con Striscione Pubblicitario #nonspiaggiarti @redbull

Pubblicità Aerea Redbull: Jesolo, Venezia, Riccione, Rimini. Aereo con Striscione Pubblicitario #nonspiaggiarti @redbull.

Pubblicità Aerea in tutta Italia.
Numero Verde 800974235
Info +39 3331721807

nel cielo, su uno striscione gigantesco trascinato tra le nuvole da un aereo. … NON SPIAGGIARTI, REDBULL TI METTE LE AAALI.

Pubblicità Aerea Redbull: Jesolo, Venezia, Riccione, Rimini. Aereo con Striscione Pubblicitario #nonspiaggiarti @redbull.

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Culture Pub – RedBull en Chute Libre!

Charlotte Bricard et Christian Blachas présentent et décryptent le nouveau défi que s’est lancé la boisson énergisante Red Bull : Battre le record du monde de saut en chute libre! C’est le doux dingue Felix Baumgartner qui va s’y coller et essayer ainsi de battre un record vieux de 50ans, en sautant de 35.000M d’altitude!!! La suite de l’émission : Actu créative internationale en VOST, Enquête sur les Pubs à Grand Spectacle, saga REEBOK… en cliquant ici :

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Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series 2015 – Action Clip – Azores, Portugal

With three new podium finishers the 2015 Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series enters a decisive phase
Mexico’s Jonathan Paredes and Andy Jones, from the United States, cause a stir in the World Series as they dive into the top-three in the season’s purest stop on a volcanic islet in the Azores archipelago, behind the ever-dominant Gary Hunt, from England. In what was the year’s closest result from almost three times the Olympic height, the athletes returned to the sport’s roots and leapt directly off the cliff to hit the water three seconds later with their bare feet at speeds of 85kph. On July 18, a passionate Portuguese crowd witnessed a wildcard winner in the second of three Women’s World Series competitions of 2015, as American Cesilie Carlton finished just ahead of Mexico’s Adriana Jimenez and the USA’s Ginger Huber.
© Red Bull Media House

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Bulls’ Bobby Portis suspended for hitting teammate Nikola Mirotic

The? Chicago Bulls have suspended forward? Bobby Portis?for eight games for punching teammate Nikola Mirotic and breaking his jaw at practice Tuesday.

Bulls executive vice president John Paxson said Wednesday that Mirotic is expected to miss four to six weeks after suffering fractures to his upper jaw and a concussion. Paxson said Mirotic needs to clear the concussion protocol before the facial injuries can be addressed.

Stephen A. says Hayward was a ‘huge piece’ to Celtics

Young’s style of play ‘perfect’ for the Warriors

Schefter: Elliott continues to be in ‘legal limbo’

How will Celtics regroup without Hayward?
Portis will begin serving his suspension when Chicago opens the season Thursday night in Toronto. He will still be able to practice with the team during his ban.

Paxson called Portis’ actions “inexcusable,” but added, “Bobby Portis is not a bad person. He’s a good kid, but he made a mistake.”

The two players had been talking trash to one another in practice, going back and forth before those exchanges escalated into a physical encounter, league sources told ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski. Mirotic charged at Portis twice before Portis threw a punch and connected with Mirotic’s face, league sources said. Mirotic dropped to the floor and lay there for several minutes before getting up.

Mirotic was taken to the hospital and released later Tuesday, sources said.

The Bulls announced Tuesday that surgery is likely for Mirotic.

The Vertical first reported news of the altercation.

Bulls general manager Gar Forman was at the practice and witnessed the altercation, league sources said.

Mirotic, 26, averaged 10.6 points and 5.5 rebounds per game last season, and was expected to start for Chicago this season. He signed a two-year deal with $12.5 million guaranteed to stay with the Bulls.

Portis, 22, averaged 6.8 points and 4.6 rebounds last season, and was battling Mirotic for the team’s starting power forward spot.

With Mirotic and Portis both out, rookie? Lauri Markkanen will start Thursday night.?Markkanen, the No. 7 overall pick in the draft, was acquired in the trade that sent Jimmy Butler to the Minnesota Timberwolves.

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BPL 2016 Match 6 Comilla Victorians v Barisal Bulls Full Highlights

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