Redbull – Surf Future Camp Costa Rica 2012

Watch this nice video about the next Future Camp organized by Redbull in Costa Rica!

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Motocross: Honda RedBull Racing 2009

“Winners chose winners,” and this syllogism is testament to the partnership of Red Bull and Honda Racing. Both companies are global brands that share a passion for powersports.

Professional motocross racing is the nexus of “cool” and “high-tech.” By that reckoning, Honda Racing is the crown jewel, a fact that first attracted Red Bull’s
sponsorship in 2008. Over the 37-year history of AMA National Motocross and the advent of American Supercross, Honda has won more races and championships than any other manufacturer: a record 57 AMA motocross and supercross titles. Honda riders have won 15 of the last 26 AMA Supercross championships and nine Supercross titles in a row, and recorded two perfect Motocross seasons.

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Démo de Foot Freestyle lors du RedBull Street Style

Autre exemple de ce que l’on peut faire avec un ballon et beaucoup d’entraînement, lors d’une démonstration en marge du Red Bull Street Style, organisé fin avril au Cap.

Mais au fait, Séan, le champion du monde en titre français ? A-t-il réussi à conserver son titre ? Pour le savoir, rendez-vous sur !

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This Drink Is The Original Redbull

Whenever you’re in Thailand, be sure to check out the original red bull, which goes by a different name, called Krating Daeng. Krating Daeng literally translates to “red bull”, and is actually the drink that inspired the international brand of energy drink we all know today. While the two brands, Red Bull and Krating Daeng are often confused for one another, they are actually separate entities. The story goes, Chaleo Yoovidhya originally developed Krating Daeng as a refreshment for rural Thai labourers. Then one day, an Austrian entrepreneur named Dietrich Mateschitz found that Krating Daeng cured his jet lag, and began working with Chaleo to adapt the formula for Western tastes. Today, the two companies focus on targeting different markets, Red Bull the higher end and Krating Daeng the lower end.

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RedBull – WakeXplorers

You don’t know where you can wake?
You just have to do the same than RedbBull wake team! They just find a great spot and they try to wake!
This is the simple life!

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