Redbull – Cliff Diving World Series In Corsica 2012 Event

Why is 27 meters (and not 25 or 29) the standard height? What is the scuba divers’ job? Why does it only take 5 meters of water depth? What make the athletes dive from almost three times the Olympic height — the thrill and the challenge of this spectacular sport? And is it possible to dive head first from this height? For your reference: the height is comparable to an eight-storey building, the divers fall free for three seconds before they hit the water at 85 km/h.

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Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series 2010 – France highlights

On May 15th the historic port of La Rochelle, France hosted the first event of the distinguished Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series. With 50,000 spectators cheering on, Gary Hunt was able to bring it home on the high dive with jaw-dropping aerials from the Saint Nicholas Tower. Orlando Duque (COL) and Kent De Mond (USA) followed Hunt on the over 90foot (27.5 meters) diving platform with second and third place respectively.

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3,2,1…Men’s Magnificent Dives in Wales | Red Bull Cliff Diving 2016

Michal Navratil made a stunning return to action following knee surgery by spoiling Gary Hunt’s homecoming with a spectacular win in Wales. It was the Czech’s first ever victory in eight years competing in the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series. Hunt finished just points away from a dream return to the UK in second place, while Andy Jones continued his impressive form this season with another podium finish. 

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